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Welcome to the Navy Schroeders' Homepage!

(updated 01 November 2001)

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Up until December 2000 this was pretty much just a means of accessing Indy's homepage.  It still is!  As of January 6, 2001 we have a new addition to the family.... Indy's little brother Maguire.  Consequently, I've decided to cancel some of my other projects and just focus on the boys for the time being.  Later this summer I may try and revive a couple of the links, but don't count on it to happen anytime soon. 


Indy's Homepage

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Maguire's Homepage

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Student Naval Aviator Information (temporarily down)

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Please contact me (via email) if you have any comments or questions about anything on these pages.  I don't have all of the answers but I'll try and get you pointed in the right direction

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